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Aigle Azur

Aigle Azur

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  • Commencer l'évaluation: 2013-08-19
  • Total de votes: 49 49
  • Critères évalués: 1758
  • Anna Bezgubenko09 Septembre 2019
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    Very bad airline
    It was a terrible experience. I bought a ticket for my mom from this airline and I needed to register a small hand-dog for the flight. The company provides this service on the site, but the site did not allow me to do this during the purchase. After buying a ticket, I wrote a lot of emails to their all addresses on the official website, and facebook but, unfortunately, no one answered me. I have all the emails saved. I also called all the telephone lines because I needed to solve the problem with the transportation of the dog but there was no answer. The day of departure has arrived. There was no representative office of this airline at the airport and my mom was unable to fly. The ticket is gone. A lot of nerves and effort were spent. I also continued to write to the company emails so that they would return the damage. of course there is no answer. Disgusting service.

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