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Binter Canarias
18 place

Binter Canarias

Binter Canarias
Binter Canarias
Commencer l'évaluation: 31 Août, 2013
Total de votes: 18
Critères évalués: 526
Correlation of provided service and ticket price
Would you fly this airline once more?
Punctuality of flights and their match with the schedule
Would you recommend this airline to your friends?
Plane condition, its novelty
How fast and comfortable was the check-in?
Airport staff competence
Staff assisstance in resolving conflicts
In time boarding
Comfortable transfer to the plane
Quality of flight
Landing, comfortable transfer to the terminal
Seats comfort, distance between the seats
Comfortable temperature in the cabin
Food onboard
The presence of sockets, the Internet access
Cleanness of interior
Cleanness of toilets
The presence of pillows, blankets
Variety of onboard entertainment
Affability and courtesy in communication
Knowledge of foreign languages
Assisstance to passengers onboard
Possibility to check in online
Assisstance to passengers with children
Onboard entertainment for children
Assistance to disabled passengers
Variety of dishes on board
Variety of drinks on board
Assistance to passengers in case of flight delay / cancellation
Ease of baggage registration
Convenience of fees for excess baggage
Taking care of baggage
In case of lost baggage - help to search for it
Baggage delivery capacity

Informations de base

Informations de base
Pays: Espagne
Année de création: 1989
Code numérique: 474
Contacts de la compagnie aérienne
Site officiel:
Numéro de téléphone: +(34) 902 875 787, 928 57 96 01
Fax: +(34) 902 875 797, 928 57 96 03
Array: [email protected] [email protected]
Flotte aérienne: ATR-72-500, ATR-72-202


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